About Online Test

This online test is to capture the student actual level with respect to the online MCQ test conducted.

The student after their successful registration, will be allowed to take 3 compulsory practice test. Each test will consist of 10 question, which will be randomly selected by the online question engine. The first test will be from a set of questions which is categorized as LOW difficulty level by the teachers. Second test will be a test with MEDIUM difficulty level question. The last one will be a test which will be on HIGH difficulty level questions.

The test scores will be analyzed using neural network and psychometric analysis, which will then be stored in a data set as a student model.

Some of the Keypoints

  • All registered students need to check their email for activation link
  • All students need to complete compulsory practice test before the actual real test is conducted.
  • Students may or may not take the test all in one single go.
  • Students may check their results after the final completion of the real test.
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